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Business Activity Statement (BAS)

BAS Review & Lodgement

Whilst it is possible maintain your own books without the help of a bookkeeper, there are many benefits to outsourcing this aspect of your business.

As a business owner, you will have certain obligations to the Australian Taxation Office, like completing an IAS or BAS review and lodgement.

Our Adelaide bookkeeper service is a registered BAS Agent. We can help you with BAS reporting and lodgement too.

The fixed package price is designed for businesses who are confident enough to manage their own bookkeeping and they need support only with BAS preparation.

We offer electronic BAS preparation on monthly or quarterly basis.

We will review your activity statement and give advice about any issues found.

Proper accounting and bookkeeping is vital to your business.

BAS preparation requires expert precision and experienced knowledge. Accurate records and reports will allow you to better understand and maximise your cash flow.

Rather than leaving your BAS/IAS lodgement for the last minute, engage our Adelaide bookkeeping business, lean back and relax!

BAS review & lodgement bookkeeping service includes:

  • Review your Xero or MYOB file
  • Run an Audit Report and check GST coding
  • Ensure bank reconciliations are correct
  • Reconcile GST accounts to the General Ledger
  • Ensure PAYGW (Pay As You Go Withholding) liability is accurate
  • Ensure your W1 field on your BAS is accurate
  • Lock your data file to protect closed period
  • Generate BAS Report and ensure accuracy
  • Send you the BAS report with supporting documentation
  • Obtain electronic signature for BAS
  • Lodge BAS electronically with the ATO
  • Raise bill in system and assist with payment information
BAS review package starts from

* Prices are exclusive of GST.

New Business Registrations

Have a new business, we’ll help you register an ABN.  Confused by quarterly, monthly, annual or even GST thresholds, we’ll make sure your GST registration suits your business.

Bookkeeping Transaction Review

We’ll review your transactions  from  Quickbooks, MYOB and Xero making sure GST is being handled right. We recommend Xero though.

BAS and IAS Lodgement

Have employees, no worries, we will lodge all your activity statements and BAS.  Make sure you are paying GST, PAYG and PAYG instalments.

GST Support

Have a question about GST? Our BAS packages include support helping you answer your GST questions.

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